Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code


Mentored by: Bruce Ellis. Developed by: Lorenzo Bivens.

Important note

As some of you know I’ve been suffering health and personal problems during the past few months. I apologize to all of you that have been disapointed about the project development. It’s been very hard for me to keep up with my whole life. At the moment I am spending my whole time in this project and I plan to do so until it gets finished.

As the gsoc is a “learning” program I understand that learning means making mistakes from time to time and having this mistakes corrected. Whoever has any comment, criticism or correction, I am more than willing to pay attention and take responsability for my actions. Please, in doubt don’t hesitate to contact me personally, by email, IM or IRC and ask me for whatever inquiry you have about the past, present of future of the project. Do not speculate, ask me directly.

Thank you very much for your understanding and your support. May you get the same support whenever you are in need.


Synergy is a multiplatform software that allows a user to control several computers with just one mouse and keyboard, creating the sensation of an extended desktop. This can be done between computers running different operating systems giving it an interesting spice.

What are the project objectives?

What will I learn with this project?

Project plan

  1. Finnish cinap’s synergy client implementation, add clipboard support. (due Aug 3rd)
  2. Port client to Inferno/Limbo. (due Aug 10th)
  3. Extend native Plan 9 implementation with server. (due Aug 15th)
  4. Port server to Inferno/Limbo. (due Aug 17th)
  5. Write documentation for everything. (due Aug 20th)