Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code


This is the official site for the Plan 9 and Inferno GSoC projects, it provides resources for students and mentors and aims to help coordination and cooperation efforts.

This site is hosted at in a linode server.



The website is run with a few small rc scripts, and pages are stored in a markdown-like format, any gsoc participant can edit them or create new pages under /gsoc/www/

This scripts have grown into a content management system of its own known as werc.

Every participant also has his own website under /gsoc/www/people/$user/


There is a blog system that all participants are encouraged to use.

Thanks to Kris now we have rss feeds. And after an upgrade to a new werc version we have Atom feeds too.

Mercurial repositories

Students are encouraged to use mercurial(hg) repositories to store their projects under /gsoc/hg/, there is also a web interface to the repositories


The recommended place for chat discussion is #plan9-gsoc in

Mailing lists

For inferno projects use inferno-list (Note: some people has problems joining this list, please let us know if you have any issues.)

For 9P related discussion use the 9p-hackers list.

For other GSoC-related discussion that doesn’t fit any other list use: plan9-gsoc

SSH accounts

Accounts are setup to use p9p by default (which is installed under /usr/local/plan9/) and an Inferno installation can be found under /usr/inferno/.

9P access and venti-snapshots

In progress.

Other things?

If you would like anything else, please email me to uriel99/gmail/com or post your ideas and suggestions to the GSoC mailing list.


Thanks to everyone that has provided feedback and advice and contributed to set this up, specially to Kris, Anant and Mjl; and to Nemo for encouraging me to keep gsoc going.