Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

Projects table

Name Description Participants Last blog post Last commit
OLP9C/ Port of Plan 9 and Inferno to the OLPC laptop. ameya uriel
cocytus/ Cocytus: a snapshot fileserver for inferno dhains rog
kencc/ Port the Plan 9 compilers suite to Unix kris brucee
o9fs/ A 9P compatible virtual filesystem for OpenBSD iru tim
qemu/ Port QEMU to Plan 9 nwf davide
synergy/ A synergy implementation for Plan 9 and Inferno izaki brucee
ventivac/ venti & vac mjl forsyth
web9/ Implementations of the 9P protocol in PHP and JS. anant dho
werc/ Website rc engine kris uriel