Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

Good News (2007/11/10)


I haven’t had much time for hacking on o9fs. The university takes most of my time. But that’s not what the post is all about as one can presume… The good news is that there are two people testing and reporting bugs with o9fs which is something every project needs since many times it is not possible for the author to find every possible problem because of, besides from other things, his/her own limited test environment. So, thanks to Matthias Bauer and Christian Kellermann, the project is again quite active.


back (2007/08/02)

Working on o9fs has teached me many more things that I can count, but surely one of the most precious are the real need for simple code. Having no internet for almost two weeks, man pages and source code have been my best friends on the learning process. It could have been a real pain if I wasn’t hacking on clean and simple 9P and, even being a unix-like os, the OpenBSD kernel. Even if some people don’t like to hear this, good code is documentation.

On the technical part the communication framework is almost totally finished and it’s pretty usable. The filesystem can mount, resolve names (lookup was such a pain to get ‘right’), open, and close files. Next step is working on Tread related stuff such as read (duh!) and readdir. I spent a great deal of time thinking about how directories should be implemented when the simplest way was obvious: a list of fids.

Before going on the code work, I’m gonna put togheter my notes on the design and implementation of the project for those who wish to have a better undestanding of it.

init (2007/07/26)

hello, 9.

this is my first post and i’m happy to announce my initial commit to the o9fs repo. the code is not as clean as i want it to be.

this initial commit brings a new virtual filesystem which issues a Tversion message and fake a mount point. after finishing the communication framework i can get back to the real point (i.e. 9P and vfs). if anybody is wiling to give it a try (i doubt it) send me an email at iru.muzgo!gmail asking for instructions on how to install it.