Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

mset (2007/08/15)

Just checked in mset, nothing to do really with gsoc, just a quick little mandelbrot set viewer I wrote while learning limbo earlier this year. At the most, it might be useful as yet another tk/graphics example, but it’s fun to play around. Once I get some spare time I’d like to add some color cycling for fun, some text elements to display the cursor position on the complex plane and the generation of the julia set for a given point on the plane.

cocytus update (2007/08/11)

Past few days have been fairly unproductive due to having a few orientation days for school. This weekend I plan to devote to gsoc, once I see how much I can get down over the weekend, I’ll have a good idea of what needs to be done/if completing the project is possible/ etc. on Monday. I’ll update over the weekend and then give a detailed post on Monday describing what is done, what needs to be done, and whether or not I think it’s possible to complete.

cocytus update (2007/08/07)

Have implemented some of the data structures…not 100% it has everything needed, but will know as soon as the styx operations are implemented which is the next step. Will begin tomorrow with the fundamental, i.e. read/open/walk. This should give a good feeling for whether or not everything is working as it should and if the data structures are sufficient. Write will then be implemented once I am sure the basics are working properly. A semi-rough timeline would be to get the read/open/walk operations done by Wed-Thurs, then have write working by the end of the week.

cocytus update (2007/08/06)

Have the styxserver running, Basically used vacfs as the template for sending and receiving styx messages. Right now is basically just a skeleton for the file server. Am working now on implementing the various operations which will need to be performed on the venti side, i.e. this will be the mapping of the styx messages to the venti operations. Also the data structures invovled are being implemented as well, this step is being done before the operations. The vac and venti libraries contain some basic structures which will be used, but I will need to implement some things ot keep track fo the modified/unmodified states of the blocks.

Update on the cocytus file server (2007/08/02)

I’ve been somewhat of a recluse this summer, so for those of you who don’t know, this project aim is to implement a read/write filesystem for Inferno with a Venti backend. The next few days I will be dissecting vacput (A nice tool written by Oksel) into a lib as it does somethings that we need in the fs, and it is deemed quicker then writing this same functionality from scratch. Once this is complete we will integrate this lib into a styx server (the fs) and make the appropriate mappings between styx calls and the lib. The end product should be a fs which mounts a venti root, caches modified blocks in memory until a time that it will sync these modified blocks back to the venti server. You can think our fs as an overlay for the traditional venti block pointer heirarchy, only it can point to either locally cached modified blocks or pure venti blocks.