Vac tools in inferno


good news! the vacget, vacput and vacfs code of the ventivac project is now in the inferno-os subversion repository. many thanks to charles forstyh. this makes it very easy to test that code, so please try it out. the patch to /appl/lib/venti.b (mentioned here) that was needed before, has been included in inferno-os svn as well, so no more patching is required.

ventisrv and vcache are not in the inferno-os svn, so keep checking out the ventivac hg repository (it will also contain updates to the vac tools).

ventisrv testing

for testing, i’ve set up a ventisrv on note that it is for testing, so don’t store your very important data in it, yet. for example, to write a file to it, try this:

; vacput -a net!!venti welcome.txt

now list the contents of the venti archive vac:a39bc0605cc80c7dee50f02c2ef6c502e740c376:

; vacget -t -a net!!venti a39bc0605cc80c7dee50f02c2ef6c502e740c376

and retrieve the contents of the archive:

; rm welcome.txt
; vacget -v -a net!!venti a39bc0605cc80c7dee50f02c2ef6c502e740c376
; ls -l welcome.txt
--rw-rw---- U 0 mjl mjl 10 Jun 15 12:59 welcome.txt

and now using vacfs:

; mkdir /n/vac
; mount {vacfs -a net!!venti} /n/vac
; ls -l /n/vac/a39bc0605cc80c7dee50f02c2ef6c502e740c376
--rw-rw---- M 4 mjl mjl 10 Jun 15 12:57 /n/vac/a39bc0605cc80c7dee50f02c2ef6c502e740c376/welcome.txt

that’s how to use it, enjoy!