Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

GSoCfs Overview

The general idea is that it would be nice to have a Plan 9/Inferno native mechanism to help use track google summer of code activities before, during, and after the summer. The main motivation for this was some of the crazy stuff that went on last year using the google voting interface, it would give us more control over preventing such things. So, the general idea is to have a synthetic file server which exports both file system and web-appropriate hierarchies which facilitate summer-of-code activities. The idea being that you could interact with them as easily under ACME as under a web-browser. This is really an instantiation of what I’ve been calling service-oriented-file-systems. POTENTIAL MILESTONES

* synethtic file system and web interface
* posting project ideas
* voting for projects
* registering student interest in projects
* project milestone tracking
* project blogs and wikis
* post-summer project success metrics (subjective and objective)
* (stretch) syndication points for community monitoring
* (stretch) potential integration with SCM
* (stretch) potential integration with some form of chat
* (stretch) potential integration with name space sharing