Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

2009 GSoC Update: Accepted Projects

Google has officially released the list of accepted candidates per organization. We were lucky enough to receive all 7 slots we asked for. It was a difficult choice; we had many good proposals, several for the same project, and it wasn’t terribly easy for us to pick from them. (Maybe we will get more in the future!)

The list of accepted projects for 2009’s Google Summer of Code program (in no particular order):

Congratulations again to everyone who was accepted. You should contact your mentor as soon as possible to get acquainted. I will be sending a mailing out in the next couple of days detailing some of our expectations for this year’s program, as well as containing some first step-style exercises to get you acquainted with Plan 9.

To those of you who were not accepted into this year’s program: we’re sorry that you didn’t make it, and believe me, some of the picking and choosing was very, very difficult. We’d still love to have you as active members of our project. We’re still around on 9fans, here at, and on #plan9 on Freenode.

Thanks again to all applicants and mentors!