Plan 9 and Inferno at the Google Summer of Code

Post-mid-term changes

First of all, I want to thank all the students and mentors who have worked hard to make this GSoC successful.

The mid-term evaluations are over, and there are both good and bad news and some important changes on how we are going to work from now on.

The good news: some projects have made amazing progress and are well underway to archive their main goals, congratulations to everyone who got this far.

The bad news: many projects are way behind schedule, and what is worse, due to lack of open communication it is impossible to estimate what their exact status is and what changes need to be made to bring them back on track.

During the first half of GSoC everyone got a free hand to organize their projects in any way they wanted, no requirements were made and there was no control of how projects were going.

It was probably naive to assume things would work out fine this way, but it probably was a lesson we needed to learn.

Starting next week every project should at least follow this basic requirements:

If for any reason someone can’t comply with one of this requirements, we will be very understanding, but we need to know why.

Lets hope this improves how things work in the second half of the summer and ensures that all projects are successful.

Best wishes to everyone

the Plan 9 GSoC admin.